Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tee Pee Camping

Have you ever slept in a tee pee?  I rented a replica Sioux Indian tee pee as an alternative to just camping in a tent.  A little apprehensive to what this experience might be like, I booked our tee pee and packed for our camping adventure.  Upon arrival Teagan says "This couldn't be more perfect."  She was absolutely right.

We spent our days playing on the beach and  the late afternoon and into the evening the girls played with new friends on the jumping pillow, playground and oversized games. We read ghost stories and played games by campfire or flashlight great memories and family time. In the morning we were surprised to see all the peacocks wandering the campsite as well as up in the trees above our tee pee.

 Take a look at our Tee pee adventure:

At the beach we spotted 4 dolphins not far off shore.  Though we were thrilled, another mom spotted them too and freaked out, thinking they were sharks! I just had to giggle inside. She probably thought I was crazy, to allow my kids to swim with the sharks. I could go on about that being a life lesson...but this time they were swimming near dolphins.  

A great week!  I hope you had one too!  

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