Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holidays are full swing! I hope you are having fun and enjoying them.  Our computer died, hence the lack of post, but we are all plugged in :)

Last night we had a fun night with our Tiara club the topic was being grateful, the venue was a PJ party.  After our brief lesson and game on being grateful, the night was filled with minute to Win-It games but in lieu of prizes the girls were able to choose a cause to give their winnings to!

The grateful discussion was followed by a laughter filled gift exchange of random objects: tp, potato, toothbrush, can of green which the recipient had to look at their gift giver and thank them and finding one nice thing to say about the gift they received.  They couldn't wait to then go pick random gifts and do it again. 

The games:
1.  Stringing cranberries
2.  Trimming the tree
3.  Snowball fight
4.  Cranberry cup toss
5.  Snowball toss into the wreath
6.  Putting in order the tins filled with different number of bells.
7.  Jingle bells rumpus, we put bells into paper plates with holes cut out, taped to their rumps and
     they giggled and jiggled trying to get them out.
8.  Ornament sorting.

1st place goes to team Penguins and they chose to give their winnings to help families in need.
2nd place goes to the Reindeer who chose to give their winnings to help feed orphans in Africa.

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