Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've never done a Blog, but everyone says I should write a book about our family, I'm not sure we are that interesting or unique so we'll keep this book to a Blog.  Lets start with introductions: I'm DeAnn, I'm a christian mom who works during the day as an elementary school counselor. At home I take care of my family:  Brendan 14yrs, Teagan 9yrs, Trinity 6yrs, Sadie 6yrs, Lexi 3yrs and Chloe 2yrs. Currently we are in the process of blending two families into one as we adopt the last three girls. They came to us as a temporary foster care placement, staying an estimated 3 days that was over two years ago. You'll note I often refer to us as we, as it takes God and the kids efforts to be a successful single parent home.  I hope this Blog becomes an  inspiration and useful to mom's everywhere who raise children.

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