Friday, November 25, 2011

Introducing George Our Elf

George our elf came to visit last night. He arrives the first night our Christmas tree is lit with the first gifts of Christmas, elf size gifts of course.  This year I snapped a picture of him to share with the kids. Even though Brendan is to old to believe in George the elf, his response was from that 6 yr old who received George's first gift of Christmas...  "Thats what he looks like!" 

George has been visiting us for the last 10 yrs when he had to arrive early to bring Brendan a parakeet who would not have made the long ride and all the stops with Santa.  He doesn't hang around like this new elf on the block who likes to sit on a shelf. He leaves his gifts as he has much to do to prepare for Santa's big night. Though his visits are brief, the kids LOVE him, sadly I think my kids can be bought.  Glitter our Penquin is Santa's reporter, Glitter play jokes, and likes to spy on the kids but they always find her. I love Glitter she is the best pet we've had!

Tonight she hid from me, as I searched high and low, in cabinets, boxes and through
the garage looking for our little friend. I breathed a big sigh of relief when I finally found her.
 She was hiding in one of those places the kids will never find, but add a year to it and Mom can't find her either!!  Gotta love those mom moments! 

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