Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tiara's Learn about Respect

We've had a couple of great play dates with all the girls who are learning how to be real life princesses. I love seeing the fellowship and friendships forming, my girls are so happy.  If you are interested in setting up your own Real Life Princess group, follow along as we learn, stumble and grow together.

Our brief guideline to set this up:
  We meet 2x a month, one fun event and another with a "Real Life Lesson".   Each mom commits to creating and hosting one lesson and then we rotate thru.   Ideally we want mom's to stay to help with Princess activities and give lesson input.
Todays Lessons was on Respect.
Our memory verse for discussion was "Show proper respect to everyone." 1 Peter 2:17. NIV
Our Bible Story was Taming of the Tongue James 3:9-12 followed by a discussion. Part of this discussion flowed into the magic of the words we choose to use.

To make it fun, I wrote out in invisible ink manner words and the girls guessed what word the blank paper held and we discussed how, when and why we would use these words.
The invisible ink was equal parts of water and baking soda.  Then heated up with an iron when ready to turn the invisible into visible.  The stumble: don't put the iron on a low heat, it takes to long for the words to show up, higher heat worked best.

To help the girls remember our discussion and the magic of using kind words they created:

Now it was time for a treat and practice some basic manners. We played a game, inspired by a friend of mine, Ginamarie Cornielius, in which the girls were given a menu of eight choices. Here is a sample:

1.   Cinderella Ballroom Dance
2.    Pippi Longstocking Smiles
3.   Prayer Changes Things

Their goal was to end up with a tea cup and plate to eat the finger foods on the table. Each menu item corresponded with different foods, or actions. If the girls didn't want was ordered they then had to politely ask the waitress to take the item back and ordered another item

1.  Cinderella Ballroom Dance =  a radish
2.  Pippli Longstocking Smiles =  a tea cup
3.  Prayer Changes Things = changing items with the person sitting across from them.

Tons of fun, when plastic bugs were given and tea cups swapped.  They got real good with their manner words at the table and how to properly send food back.

Since we are growing real life princesses,they all had a laugh adding the bugs to their "tea".  Lovely!


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