Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tea Time

I've been having fun collecting sweet tea cups and a fancy tea pot to surprise the girls with at Christmas. I wish I could share them with them..but since Christmas is still a short distance away..I'll share them here. I and they love tea parties. Its fun to dress up and set a pretty table. It also gives us a positive way to practice our manners. My second thought with the tea cups, is to continue to collect them, and have a tea party where the guests can pick out their tea cup and then take it home as a party favor. I've had fun, at, just be careful of the shipping charges to make sure you are really getting a deal.

Speaking of mail, this weekend the children each made mail boxes for their room doors. Its been fun to watch them create and give each other mail. We call them our love boxes. It creates an avenue for them to express positive feelings towards each other. Brendan is "too old" to create his love box, so the sisters created his. He is loving it, his smile says it all. Here is a sample:

Bedroom mail boxes
aka: love boxes

Have a great week! Next weekend...almost time to start planning for halloween.

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