Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Enjoying Everyday

I try hard to just find the joy in the day to day activities we do or need to do as a family. Approaching life in this manner has allowed me to find contentment and joy in our every day moments. We love to have our vacations and fairy parties but they are such a small part of "real" life.

Today the girls wanted to help me make dinner. Their help turned an everyday job to a fun activity.  They choose to make fried chicken. It was a great time as we gathered what we would need and broke the dinner down into jobs each jellybean could do.

It was fun to watch them work together, and how excited they where at learning how to cook!
Do I dare admit that this wonderful master piece was great until we took our first bites only to discover that mom didn't cook the chicken enough! They love mom mistakes! Back in the frying and the chicken! It turned out yummy the second time around!

Savor the every day moments!  ~ DeAnn

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